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Our Process

  Here's the procedure we follow to design your Web site, E-shop or Web Software:


  What do you want your project to accomplish? We engage in extensive dialogue until we have a firm understanding of what you want done. Then we blueprint it.
    We put this blueprint before you. It illustrates page diagrams, tasks, solutions, costs, and timelines. Together we finalize it.  

Having negotiated and signed a contract, we assign a project manager and your private "Project Progress" page.

    It is in this stage that we move your Web presence from the blueprint to reality. We prepare sketches of typical pages, then after your approval, we convert them to HTML and add necessary functionality, which pulls it all together.  
    At specific points during Development, we test (on our server) the functionality of your project until all software components are thoroughly debugged and checked against the blueprint.  
    After you approve the final version, thereby completing the contract, we publish the site on your server. Lastly, we perform site indexing in search engines and catalogs.  

When appropriate, we maintain and support your site…as well as propose ideas on further development.

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